What’s in a name?

So, the Barristers’ Clerk has been around for many years, and even though many Clerks now have titles such as “Director of Clerking”, “Chambers Director” “Practice Manager” or “Business Development Manager” they will still tend to identify themselves as a Barristers Clerk, even though their role is not clerical at all, and “Clerk” is a misnomer. As you will have no doubt already discovered, when you tell friends and family that you are now a Barristers Clerk, you are likely to be asked “Do you wear a wig”; “Are you training to be a barrister?” or “Are you the one that sits at the front of the Court?”. The career of a Barristers’ Clerk is one of the more unusual occupational groups in the country, so many people won’t know exactly what you do and it is also very difficult to explain it to someone outside the job.