GDPR Training for Barristers (2021)

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Who is this training designed for?

  • Members of the Bar practising from Chambers, independently or virtually
  • Employed Barristers
  • First and Second Six Month pupils
  • Senior staff with greater GDPR responsibilities looking for detailed information and points of reference

The ABC GDPR training module was specially developed and written for Members of the Bar by allying the regulatory and GDPR expertise of Jane Sarginson a member of St Philips Chambers, who specialises in data privacy and regulatory law and has spoken to audiences comprised of solicitors, barristers and commercial clients on the topic of the GDPR, to the experience of the ABC team and its consultants who have worked in the niche Chambers industry for many years and have been helping barristers and Chambers in their GDPR compliance since 2017.

This on-line training course is designed to give barristers a good understanding of the General Data Protection Regulation. The course covers the principles of the GDPR and will help you to understand the need to process people’s personal data lawfully, as well as ensure data security in your practice. GDPR compliance starts with knowledge and awareness and the aim of this training programme is to provide you with the information that practising barristers need. It will help you to understand whether your policies and procedures meet GDPR standards and the steps you need to take to reach or maintain GDPR compliance. Regular appropriate training is part of that compliance, so let us begin.

nb. Chambers’ staff will generally find it more helpful to use the module specifically written for all employees working in the various roles found in Chambers. A link can be found here.

How this training works

The training is divided into ten sections. Each section can be worked on separately and you are able to leave and re-join from different devices from the point at which here you left off. The training can be completed when you choose. You can work at your own pace and as and when your working day allows. Your licence is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and you can revisit the course material as often as you wish to refresh your memory or for reference purposes.

Each section contains an overview of the requirements of the GDPR. The overview is designed to be a high level but useful and informative section either for those with little GDPR knowledge or for those who require a reminder.

The training is presented in a linear fashion which guides you through each section in turn. Each sub-section needs to be completed before moving onto the next. Once the training has been completed you can revisit the module and drop in and out of any section, in any order, as you wish.

There is also a “materials” tab in each section for those who require greater detail or more information on that topic, for reference purposes or to deal with queries on a given point. There are also links to points of reference and useful sources of additional information.

Although the materials section is not obligatory (and is not set up in the same linear fashion as the sub-sections), it is recommended that delegates should use these useful sources of information to gain a better understanding of the GDPR and ensure they are prepared for the test questions.

At the end of the course is a test of your GDPR knowledge via randomly selected questions designed to be of relevance to barristers. Attaining a pass mark of 75% or more will gain access to a training certificate which you can download and print for your records.

As yet, there is no official GDPR certification scheme for organisations, but the regulation encourages the adoption of certification schemes as a means to demonstrate compliance.

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